Signs suitable for attending oversized freights
(FORT - attandants)




The "FORT" signs which can be fixed onto the follower vehicles inform the people taking part in the road traffic according to the authorial requirements.

Main characteristics:
FORT sign should be fixed onto the roof-rack of the vehicle.
The sign has two parts: 1. framework.
2. Sign with LEDs.

The sign is produced according to the Customer's demands taking into account the authorial requirements of the given country.
The following signs can appear on both sides of the table, if necessary:

No overtaking by lorries
No overtaking
Other danger
Right arrow
Left arrow
Yellow flashing lights

Fields of use:
follower vehicles needing route clearance.
vehicles of workers working on roads.
police tasks (accidents, diversions, bad weather, etc.).

Sign control: by the help of the control board located in the follower vehicle.


Main characteristics:
Dimensions: 1250 x 1050mm, 1060 mm x 920mm, 920 mm x 810mm and 1000 mm x 700 mm x 40 mm
Dimensions of signs: No overtaking: 600 mm and 750 mm, Other danger: 750 mm and 900 mm
Electricity supply: 12 and 24 Volt (alternative)
Power: 15 - 40 VA
Weight: appr. 200 N - 500 N

Operation of "FORT" signs:
1. The sign should be fixed onto the follower vehicle taking into account the instructions of the manufacturer.
2. The accumulator should be connected.
3. The appropriate sign should be chosen by the control board.

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