PULL-OFF BOARD For measuring stations from Elektron Kft
Measuring station displays: DS 1510


Pull-off board with registration number display. Road sign for making vehicles pull off according to the registration number. A section of the board indicating the obligatory direction gives the order to pull off; a pictogram showing the cause of the pull-off informs the driver about the cause of the pull-off. The board is capable of indicating the registration number in a section of 8 characters.

The entire board consists of a surface made of LEDs and a lens; all displayed signs are made up from high luminance LEDs.

The pull-off board, a special display used on measuring stations is made of three parts:

  1. A board showing the obligatory direction (a 600mm diameter blue circle with white outline, two independently lightable white arrows)
  2. An axle load check sign (a white axle with wheels, with an arrow pointing to the axle above it, as well as the inscription CONTROL)

  3. An eight segment MATRIX area (yellow characters located from each other at a suitable distance, used to display the registration number)

According to the commands of the control unit the individual areas can be turned on and off separately. Eight characters can be displayed on the character display.

The pre-filter of the measuring station (HSWIM) measures the axle load of the running vehicles. According to the measured values the control unit evaluates the vehicle: a control is needed, because it exceeds the allowed value, or it is all right. If it has to be checked, it lights up the Right only sign, the pictogram showing the axle weight check, as well as the registration number of the vehicle.

If the vehicle is okay, only the image of the Obligatory direction for following the road is displayed.

Technical paramteres:
: Black spray-painted, RAL 9005
Dimensions: 1500 x 1000 x 120 mm Weight: 25 kg

Voltage: 12 Volt DC
Performance: maximum 40 – 150 VA
Protection: IP – 55
Interface: RS-485

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