Speed measurement on roads with two lanes or more


Speed measuring instruments:
Speed measuring instruments are produced with the following sizes:
1.500 x 1.000, 1.300 x 900, 1.000 x 700, mm
In case of roads with two lanes or more the instruments should be placed above the given lane at a suitable height.
Speed measuring instruments are made in the versions L (LASSÍTS (Slow down) and M Multifunctional.

Speed measuring instruments have two main parts:
1. Detector unit:
ur company, Elektron Kft uses such brand new detectors for detecting the speed of vehicles which has not been used before in Europe.
THere are several advantages of these detectors against the detectors with loops.
They are as follows:
- it needs only a small scale of damage of the pavement during installation
 - its sensitivity can be adjusted in six different stages
- break cannot occur ( loops can break during the use of the roads)
- in case of occasional defect the road should be cut only in a place of 15 x 20 cm.

2. Display:
It contains the control unit as well: The control unit processes the signs received from the detectors, converts them into digitl form and records all of the measured data.
Displaying figures: size of the displaying figures can be: 367, 466, and 560 mm
The displaying figures always aligns with the size of the speed measuring instruments.

Technical data :
Material: hard aluminum (powder coloured design)
12, 24, 230 V
basically it is black, powder coloured (any RAL colour as optional extra colour)
6 – 16 kg
Colour of the display:
red and yellow (even in mixed form, too)
Current drain: maximum 2 A in case of 12 V
data of about 80.000 vehicle
Adjustable speed limit: arbitrary (it can be adjusted by the user by the help of a software)

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